Some people have pets.

We did not have a pet, we had a member of the family.

For the past year or so our family cat, Toby has been sick. During this time period we  watched him go through many ups and downs. Sadly, three weeks ago today we were forced to make the decision to say goodbye.  We tried out best to get him better but came to the realization that it was just his time to go.

My family got Toby when I was around 6 years old. Toby to us wasn’t just a cat, he truly was a part of the family. He didn’t just come to you when he wanted food or to be pet. He came to you when he could tell you we’re having a bad day or because he wanted to love you. I remember growing up doing all kinds of crazy stuff to him, like dressing him in baby clothes and wrapping him in blankets. And never once he ever tried to bite or scratch. As Toby has progressingly gotten worse over the past few months he needed care most of the time. He was losing weight quickly and didn’t seem like himself anymore. For short bursts of time he seemed to be getting better but then would soon return to hiding and not being himself. We later came to realize that he only seemed to be doing better when he was on antibiotics. Something in him just wasn’t working anymore.

Toby was such a special and loving cat. I truly believe there is no other out there like him. I had the privilege of being able to spend his last few moments with him and let him know that we love him one last time. And while I don’t think the pain of losing him will ever truly go away I can at least know that he isn’t in pain anymore.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Matthew 5:4


Our sweet Toby, you will be missed greatly.

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